About BJPA

The Berman Jewish Policy Archive (BJPA) at NYU's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service is the central electronic address for Jewish communal policy. BJPA offers a vast collection of policy-relevant research and analysis on Jewish life to the public, free of charge, with holdings spanning from 1900 until today.




Jewish federations, agencies, and philanthropies have invested millions of dollars in research on the Jewish community. Yet much of that research has remained practically inaccessible, gathering dust on library shelves and in office filing cabinets. Even research which existed in digital format is often scattered between countless disparate websites.

BJPA's comprehensive, free, searchable, online collection of Jewish policy publications ensures that existing research will be easily and instantly accessible to everyone who needs it – policy makers, professionals, lay leaders, academics, clergy, consultants, students, community members, and anyone else with an interest in the Jewish community.


Powerful search tools make BJPA both sophisticated and user-friendly.

-- Browse by Topic facilitates open-ended exploration of hundreds of Jewish communal topics.

-- Basic search (top right corner) offers a broad inquiry for maximum results. Subsequent filter options allow users to refine their basic search by date, author, publisher, and more.

-- Advanced Search allows users to customize a more precise search, sifting automatically through BJPA’s vast holdings to drill down to only the most relevant results.

-- Bookshelf allows registered users to save and share publications, create resource lists for particular topics or projects, and easily create bibliographies. (Registration is completely free.)

-- Related Publications appear for each publication entry, highlighting other publications related by topic and author, and providing the opportunity to discover new and relevant material.

-- User Upload allows registered users to submit their own research to the archive, contributing to the field’s collective knowledge, and obtaining an enduring digital home for their publications.


Placing historical and contemporary materials within the same archive, BJPA empowers Jewish communal leaders to understand how the field’s thinking on any given issue has (or hasn’t) evolved over time. Gathering research and recommendations from a large variety of scholars and organizations, BJPA prevents duplication of efforts, allows for the comparison of ongoing work with related material, and provides a wide range of approaches to important communal issues. Including both academic and professionally-oriented publications bridges the gap between scholars and practitioners, offering each a view beyond the normal blinders of its discipline.

A Catalyst

Far from remaining passive as an archive, BJPA serves as a catalyst for new research, new analysis, and new policy discussions through live events such as conferences, roundtables, lectures, publication launches, and salons. A dynamic hub for a diverse network of Jewish organizations, thinkers, and leaders, BJPA moves the discussion forward with original research, resource guides, newsletters, blog posts, videos, and other compelling content, proactively bringing documents on crucial policy topics into the communal spotlight.


Partners & Funders

BJPA is a proud partner of the NYU Wagner-Skirball dual degree program in Nonprofit Management and Judaic Studies, and the Berman Jewish DataBank @ The Jewish Federations of North America.

BJPA @ NYU Wagner was established through generous support from the Mandell L. and Madeleine H. Berman Foundation and the Charles H. Revson Foundation.


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