Constructing Transparent History: A Textbook Case

By Sivan Zakai

Josh Rolnick, The Sh'ma Institute, May 2011

Learning Each Other's Historical Narrative: Palestinians and Israelis is an unconventional textbook that suggests that students' analysis is central to the study of history. History education that provides space for students' voices can help young people understand that they are not passive recipients but active contributors to an evolving historical narrative.

Topic: Curriculum, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, History, Narrative, Empowerment, Pedagogy, Education, Students

Name of Publication: Sh'ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas

Editor: Berrin, Susan

Volume/Issue: Vol.41/no.680

Page Number(s): 3

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Genre: Article

Coverage: Israel

Language: English

Copyright Holder: Publisher

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Bibliographic Information:
Zakai, Sivan. Constructing Transparent History: A Textbook Case. Sh'ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas. Josh Rolnick, The Sh'ma Institute. May 2011: 3.


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