Association for Jewish Studies Newsletter-June 1975

By Jehuda Reinharz, Deborah E. Lipstadt, Jo Milgrom, George Jochnowitz, Frank Talmage, Nahum M. Sarna, Jonas C. Greenfield, Joshua Blau, Herbert H. Paper, Denah Lida, Morton Smith, David S. Winston, Steven T. Katz

Association for Jewish Studies (AJS), June 1975

This edition of the AJS newsletter includes abstracts from papers given at the AJS regional conference program on "Hebrew and Jewish Languages" and "Judaism from Hellenistic to Roman Times.â?? It also contains book reviews, as well as an Agreement on "Academy Without Walls,â?? which attempts to clarify the proper role of the Academy relative to the field of Jewish Studies.

Topic: Conferences and Meetings, History, Meetings and Conferences, Publications, Judaic Studies, Jewish Organizations, Higher Education, Jewish Studies, Scholarship, Academic Research

Name of Publication: AJS Newsletter

Editor: Band, A.J.

Volume/Issue: no.14

Genre: Newsletter

Coverage: United States

Language: English

Copyright Holder: Publisher

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Bibliographic Information:
Reinharz, Jehuda. Lipstadt, Deborah E. Milgrom, Jo. Jochnowitz, George. Talmage, Frank. Sarna, Nahum M. Greenfield, Jonas C. Blau, Joshua. Paper, Herbert H. Lida, Denah. Smith, Morton. Winston, David S. Katz, Steven T. Association for Jewish Studies Newsletter-June 1975. AJS Newsletter. Association for Jewish Studies (AJS). June 1975:


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