Association for Jewish Studies Newsletter-March 1979

By Steven Bayme, Harold S. Himmelfarb, Michael A. Meyer, Leon A. Jick, Ira Robinson, Arnold J. Band, Jane Gerber, Ellen M. Umansky, Baruch A. Levine, David C. Jacobson, David M. Goodblatt, Yosef Gorni, Stuart A. Cohen, David Vital, Phyllis S. Lachs, Edward S. Goldstein, Norma Fain Pratt, Nomi Tamir-Ghez, Gila Ramras-Rauch, Nehama Bersohn, Gershon C. Bacon, Rosalie Bachana

Association for Jewish Studies (AJS), March 1979

Topic: Conferences and Meetings, History, Meetings and Conferences, Publications, Judaic Studies, Survey, Jewish Studies, Scholarship, Academic Research

Name of Publication: AJS Newsletter

Editor: Band, A.J.

Volume/Issue: no. 24

Genre: Newsletter

Coverage: United States

Language: English

Copyright Holder: Publisher

Copyright Information: Download for personal use, freely distribute link

Bibliographic Information:
Bayme, Steven. Himmelfarb, Harold S. Meyer, Michael A. Jick, Leon A. Robinson, Ira. Band, Arnold J. Gerber, Jane. Umansky, Ellen M. Levine, Baruch A. Jacobson, David C. Goodblatt, David M. Gorni, Yosef. Cohen, Stuart A. Vital, David. Lachs, Phyllis S. Goldstein, Edward S. Pratt, Norma Fain. Tamir-Ghez, Nomi. Ramras-Rauch, Gila. Bersohn, Nehama. Bacon, Gershon C. Bachana, Rosalie. Association for Jewish Studies Newsletter-March 1979. AJS Newsletter. Association for Jewish Studies (AJS). March 1979:


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