The Secret of Netanyahu's Success

By Charles S. Liebman


Liebman describes Israeli society's Jewish electorate as divided by a self-perception that he describes as the "elite" and the "dispossessed." The "elite," he explains, are drawn from the more westernized, middle-upper income, Ashkenazi, college-educated and secular portion of the population. This population dominates the media, comprises the country's top businesses and professionals, the cultural elite and almost all of academia. In contrast, the "dispossessed" are disproportionately drawn from the Sephardic, lower income, less educated, religious and traditional portion of the population and view themselves as being unfairly treated by the country's establishment. Liebman seeks to understand then, why Netanyahu, who shares all the qualities of the "elite" is so popular among the "dispossessed" and explains why it was a mistake for him to dismiss Yitzchak Mordecai as Minister of Defense in the manner in which he did.

Topic: Political Behavior, Elections, Soviet Jewry, Sephardic Jews, European Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, Power, Leadership, Politics, Voting

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Liebman, Charles S. The Secret of Netanyahu's Success. 2000: 1-3.


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