Attitudes Toward Democracy Among Israeli Religious Leaders

By Charles S. Liebman

Lynne Rienner , 1993

Liebman explores the attitudes of Jewish religious leaders in Israel toward democracy, the relationship between Judaism and democracy, and the implications of these attitudes for Arab-Israeli peace. He discusses whether Judaism and democracy can coexist, the extent to which Israeli public life ought to reflect the Jewish nature of the state and to what extent, in doing so, the state may infringe upon the private rights of its citizens. He argues that among religious Jews and religious leaders there are tendencies inimical to democracy and Arab-Israeli peace, tendencies not borne from halakhic imperatives yet can be adjusted without needing to overcome them. The author claims that liberal, universal and humanitarian interpretations of the Jewish tradition exist, are compatible with the maintenance of democratic societies and yet remain virtually absent from the religious community. With the direction of Israeli Judaism headed toward particularism and ethnocentrism, the author offers historical, sociological and political analyses that explore why Israeli Judaism has become less compatible with the preconditions for a stable democratic society.

Topic: Halakha, Arab-Israeli Relations, Jewish Law, Democracy, Religion and State, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Israeli-Arab Relations, Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Judaism, Israeli-Arab Conflict, Government

Name of Publication: Democracy, Peace and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Editor: Abed, Shukri , Kaufman, Edy , Rothstein, Robert

Page Number(s): 135-161

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Genre: Book Chapter

Coverage: Israel

Language: English

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Bibliographic Information:
Liebman, Charles S. Attitudes Toward Democracy Among Israeli Religious Leaders. Democracy, Peace and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Lynne Rienner . 1993: 135-161.


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