Steel City Jews: A Study of Ethnicity and Social Mobility in the Jewish Population of the City of Sheffield, South Yorkshire

By Kenneth Lunn, Barry A. Kosmin, Marzy Bauer, Nigel Grizzard

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, 1976

This is a report on a census of Jews living in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Sheffield was considered by the staff of the Research Unit, both in its history and present situation, to be fairly representative of many of the Anglo-Jewish Provincial communities in industrial centers within the range of 1,000-2,500 persons. The staff states that they had a general impression of the recent changes which had occurred in such communities, but thought it necessary to obtain a complete understanding and quantitative knowledge of the present situation. In order to meet this need it was felt that a community census - similar to those carried out in the U.S.A. - should be attempted. Sheffield was not the initial choice for such a census, but other communities placed so many political difficulties that it was decided to use a centre where the local leadership was cooperative and realized the value of such information. The Sheffield community was  particularly concerned with the apparent decline of the community due to the emigration of young people and what appeared to be a serious decline in the birthrate. At the same time the proportion of elderly persons appeared to be increasing. The survey finds that the relatively rapid progression in socio-economic status, made by Sheffield Jews in two or three generations, is an intriguing sociological phenomenon and certainly a subject for further investigation.

Topic: Socioeconomic Status, Census, Survey, Ethnicity, Data, Demography

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Coverage: Sheffield, United Kingdom

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Lunn, Kenneth. Kosmin, Barry A. Bauer, Marzy. Grizzard, Nigel. Steel City Jews: A Study of Ethnicity and Social Mobility in the Jewish Population of the City of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The Board of Deputies of British Jews. 1976:


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