To Curtail the Iranian Nuclear Threat, Change Tehran's Threat Perceptions

By Greg Thielmann

Arms Control Association, April 14, 2009

The Obama administration has made a promising start in diplomatically re-engaging Iran. The United States will participate fully in international talks with Iran over its nuclear activities, but if Washington is to cope successfully with Tehran’s nuclear challenge, sensitive and skillful policy implementation must be based on sober analysis. This means considering which Iranian threats are imminent, which are mutable, and how our own actions affect threat perceptions on the other side of the fence. This Threat Assessment Brief seeks to evaluate the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program and by the policies we choose to adopt in response, thereby illuminating viable approaches to threat mitigation.

Topic: Diplomacy, International Relations, Advocacy, War, Iran, Global Responsibility

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Coverage: Iran , United States

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Thielmann, Greg. To Curtail the Iranian Nuclear Threat, Change Tehran's Threat Perceptions. Arms Control Association. 14 April 2009:


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