Reinvigorate the World Zionist Congress

By Brent Sasley

The Times of Israel, March 19, 2012

The author argues that there are similarities and differences between the state of Zionism today and the way it was in the first decades of its existence. But the underlying feature in both periods is that it was always a boisterous movement, with a plurality of ideas, and a discussion about and by Jews. Today’s cacophony of voices trying to define Zionism (and how they matter for Israel’s policies) represents similar disputes to those of the old days. The main difference is that today’s discourse is meaner, uglier, and more intolerant. And we need to address this. He states that we must bring the World Zionist Organization (WZO) and Zionism into line with contemporary realities and trends.

Topic: Diaspora Relations, Israel-Diaspora Relations, Pluralism, Jewish Organizations, Zionism

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Editor: Horovitz, David

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Sasley, Brent. Reinvigorate the World Zionist Congress. The Times of Israel. The Times of Israel. 19 March 2012:


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