The Determinants of Jewish Identity: A Maturational Approach

By Mortimer Ostow

American Jewish Committee (AJC), 1977

As part of a colloquium on Jewish education and Jewish identity, the author states that we should define Jewish identity as the conscious awareness that one attribute of one's self is being Jewish. From this definition a number of propositions follow. If we speak of Jewish identity as a conscious state of mind, then we are leaving open the possibility of unconscious determinants. The author proposes that that conscious state which we call Jewish identity, derives from an unconscious core, which achieves consciousness largely in altered form and intensity. Alterations are required by external circumstances and inner psychic needs.

Topic: Children, Jewish Identification, Psychology/Psychiatry, Education, Identity Formation

Name of Publication: Jewish Education and Jewish Identity

Page Number(s): 40--66

Genre: Conference Presentation

Coverage: United States

Language: English

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Bibliographic Information:
Ostow, Mortimer. The Determinants of Jewish Identity: A Maturational Approach. Jewish Education and Jewish Identity. American Jewish Committee (AJC). 1977: 40--66.


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