Jewish Educational Leadership and Priorities for the Eighties: A Jewish-Zionist-Humanist Perspective

By Marc R. Silverman

World Zionist Organization (WZO), 1984

The author argues that the challenges facing Jewish education and the types of educational leadership needed to confront them in the eighties are rooted in a Jewish-Zionist humanist perspective. This perspective is humanist in its commitment to the modern echoes of human freedom and responsibility, Jewish in its view of Judaism as a part of human culture and of Jews as a unique people within humanity, and Zionist in its unequivocal affirmation of the active and creative role Jews should play in participating in the cultural, social, economic and political spheres of contemporary life. The dyadic Jewish-humanist relationship is conceived in terms of the right and duty of the Jews to survive - physically and culturally - while integrating their historic religio-cultural tradition with their lives in modern times. This entails perceiving Judaism as a religious culture concerned with all aspects of human life from the most mundane to the most spiritual. The Jewish-Zionist-humanist triad is founded on the belief that the Jewish realization of the modern ethos of freedom and responsibility is generically tied to the exercise of political sovereignty. Only Israel offers a real opportunity to Jews to integrate fully participation in all spheres of human culture with the Jewish religio-cultural heritage.

Topic: History, Culture, Education, Leadership, Religion, Zionism

Name of Publication: Forum: on the Jewish People, Zionism, and Israel

Volume/Issue: 50

Page Number(s): 73-78

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Genre: Article

Coverage: Diaspora , Israel

Language: English

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Silverman, Marc R. Jewish Educational Leadership and Priorities for the Eighties: A Jewish-Zionist-Humanist Perspective. Forum: on the Jewish People, Zionism, and Israel. World Zionist Organization (WZO). 1984: 73-78.


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