Will your Great-Grandchildren Be Jewish?

By Pini Herman

Tribe Media Corp., June 27, 2012

The heroic fertility and educational efforts of Orthodox Jews — sometimes to the point of actual impoverishment — is legendary. Ironically, it is historically the Conservative and Reform Jewish movements that have unintentionally benefited from this Orthodox Jewish investment. Orthodox Judaism has traditionally served as the feeder denomination for Conservative as well as Reform Judaism. It is in the self-interest of the Conservative and Reform movements to encourage the flowering of the Orthodox American Jewish community, for they are the ultimate beneficiaries of the adult choices of Orthodox-raised children. In spite of the best efforts of the Orthodox community, data shows that many of them will choose to live adult lives as something other than Orthodox Jews.

Topic: Reform Judaism, Continuity, Masorti Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism, Liberal Judaism, Demography, Jewish Continuity, Religious Denominations

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Herman, Pini. Will your Great-Grandchildren Be Jewish?. Los Angeles Jewish Journal. Tribe Media Corp.. 27 June 2012: http://www.bjpa.org/Publications/details.cfm?PublicationID=14237


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