A Jewish State, or State of Jews

By Leonard Fein

Forward Association, 2003

Put yourself in the shoes of an Arab citizen of the State of Israel, told again and again that you have greater freedom and a higher standard of living than Arabs in neighboring countries. But because you are an Israeli citizen, your natural population of reference is not the Arab citizen of Lebanon or Syria; it is the Jewish citizen of the State of Israel. And now imagine that you are informed that it is a goal of the Jewish people to outnumber you even in regions within Israel where your ethnic-religious group has long been predominant. This is not about being gracious to the stranger because we were strangers in Egypt. We are talking here about Israeli citizens. And now, 55 years into a policy of shameful neglect, it finds itself on the brink of a whirlwind and flails about in ways that will newly aggravate the already strained relationship. Sorry, folks. This is not the Zionism in which I was reared, nor the Judaism.

Topic: Political Behavior, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Human Rights, Diplomacy, Palestinians, Israeli Arabs, Israeli-Palestinian Relations, Demography, Politics

Name of Publication: Jewish Daily Forward

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Coverage: Israel , Palestinian Territories

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Fein, Leonard. A Jewish State, or State of Jews. Jewish Daily Forward. Forward Association. 2003: http://www.bjpa.org/Publications/details.cfm?PublicationID=15050


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