A Wound Ripped Raw

By Leonard Fein

Forward Association, 2004

In 1979, Samir Kuntar broke into an apartment in the Mediterranean town of Nahariya, and executed Dani Haran and his 5-year old daughter Anat. As Dani's wife Smadar hid in the closet with their 2-year-old, Yael, Smadar inadvertently smothered their daughter trying to stifle her cries as they hid from the killer Kuntar. Nightmares of the Holocaust appeared to play themselves out all over again, Jews once had to ask a question they wanted to leave in the ghettos of Europe "Under what circumstances, if any, must a Jew hiding from the Germans in a ghetto bunker repent for inadvertently smothering a crying infant in order to avoid detection?" Why dredge up these horrific memories now? Kuntar has become a darling of Hezbollah, a man that Sheik Hassan Nasrallah has sworn he will see released from Israeli prison in a cold-war style prisoner swap. Just as in 1979, this case brings once again to the forefront the national Post-Traumatic Stress of this nation built by survivors of the Shoah. By letting Samir Kuntar walk free that old wound will once again be ripped raw.

Topic: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Crime, Palestinians, Israeli-Palestinian Relations, Terrorism

Name of Publication: Jewish Daily Forward

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Coverage: Israel , Palestinian Territories

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Fein, Leonard. A Wound Ripped Raw. Jewish Daily Forward. Forward Association. 2004: http://www.bjpa.org/Publications/details.cfm?PublicationID=15055


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