Connected to Give: Synagogues and Movements

By Steven M. Cohen, J. Shawn Landres

Jumpstart, June 2014

Connected to Give: Synagogues and Movements is the fourth report in the Connected to Give series of publications based on nationally representative surveys, focus groups, and field research involving more than 5,000 Americans. (Click here for other installments in the series.) Connected to Give: Synagogues and Movements explores charitable giving by American Jews who are members of Jewish congregations and/or identify with a religious movement, with a special focus on Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform affiliates.

Topic: Tzedakah (Charity), Reform Judaism, Masorti Judaism, Charitable Giving, Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism, Religious Denominations

Name of Publication: Connected to Give

Volume/Issue: 4

Genre: Report

Language: English

Copyright Holder: Publisher

Copyright Information: Download for personal use, freely distribute link

Bibliographic Information:
Cohen, Steven M. Landres, J. Shawn. Connected to Give: Synagogues and Movements. Connected to Give. Jumpstart. June 2014:


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