Lagging on Women's Advancement

By Shifra Bronznick

Jewish Week, November 7, 2003

The author responds to "The Opt-Out Revolution," a much talked about New York Times Magazine cover story concerning the lack of women in executive roles in the workforce. She argues that this story fails to distinguish between personal preferences about lifestyle and institutional decisions about the structure of workplaces and the pathways they offer to professional leadership. She challenges Jewish communal organizations to create systemic change that narrows the gender gap in the community's top executive roles.

Topic: Organizational Development, Gender, Workplace, Leadership, Jewish Organizations, Women

Name of Publication: The Jewish Week

Genre: Speech

Coverage: United States

Language: English

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Bibliographic Information:
Bronznick, Shifra. Lagging on Women's Advancement. The Jewish Week. Jewish Week. 7 November 2003:


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