Adoption as a Jewish Option

United Jewish Communities (UJC), 1995

The author analyzes the increasing numbers of Jewish families adopting children, the reasons why they are choosing to do so, and the impact of adoption on the importance of Judaism in the family.  The author discusses the presence of adoption in the Bible and the Talmud.  However, it is noted that in Judaism, personal status is dependent on bloodlines and lineage.  Therefore, if the adopted child is born of a gentile mother, the child must be formally converted to Judaism. The author discusses the sociological attitudes of the Jewish community toward adoption, and whether or not the community accepts this child. Ultimately, the author does assert that the most important factor in adoption is the love that the couple has for the child, and the values that they instill in his or her life.

Topic: Halakha, Jewish Law, Adoption, Family

Genre: Brief

Language: English

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Adoption as a Jewish Option. United Jewish Communities (UJC). 1995:


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