Communal Groups Mobilize Against 'Delegitimizers' of Jewish State

By Nathan Guttman

Forward Association, April 9, 2010

Delegitimization — it’s the new buzzword in the world of pro-Israel activism. The term, used to describe a broad spectrum of anti-Israel protests, has become a major rallying point for the American Jewish community and is the up-and-coming cause for Jewish organizations. But while supporters of Israel see the fight against delegitimization of the Jewish state as a new frontier in the pro-Israel battle, critics believe that the term is used mostly to discredit opposition to Israeli policies.

Topic: Political Behavior, Diaspora Relations, Israel-Diaspora Relations, Policy, Politics, Israel Advocacy, Hasbara

Name of Publication: Jewish Daily Forward

Editor: Eisner, Jane

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Guttman, Nathan. Communal Groups Mobilize Against 'Delegitimizers' of Jewish State. Jewish Daily Forward. Forward Association. 9 April 2010:


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