A Survey of the Year 5682

By Harry S. Linfield

American Jewish Committee (AJC), Jewish Publication Society (JPS), 1923

In the five sections of the Year in Review, relevant events to worldwide Jewry from 1 June 1921 to 31 May 1922 are discussed in great detail. The first section deals with 'Jewish Spiritual and Intellectual life' with subsections on Sabbath observance, the campaign against Sabbath in Soviet Russia, the facilitation of holiday observance in America, "Ritual Wine" during Prohibition in America, Jewish Chaplains, the campaign against heder in Soviet Russia, Jewish worldwide education, and higher Jewish education, among other topics. In the second section on the 'Life of the Jew as a citizen,' discussions center on the Vilma Sejm and the Jews, Jewish labor parties and the third International, Jewish workers' co-operatives, Jewish labor unions in Poland, emigration, the struggle for co-ordination of Jewish immigration, language autonomy, violations of minority rights and Kehilloth, among other topics covered. In the third section on 'Jewish Communal life,' discussions center on party struggles, Jewish Kehilloth and local organizations, conventions, and national councils, among other topics covered. The fourth section on Anti-Semitism focuses on anti-Jewish feeling, anti-Semitic organizations, anti-Jewish propaganda, anti-Semitism in intellectual circles, economic anti-Semitism, governmental anti-Semitism, anti-Jewish discrimination, pogroms and international "blood accusations," among other topics covered. Finally, the fifth section, which deals with the call for a national homeland in Palestine, centers on immigration, public health, colonization, commerce and industry, and the Palestine Mandate, among other topics covered.

Topic: Antisemitism, Russian Jews, Shabbat, Immigration, Sabbath, Religion, Unions, Communal Organization

Name of Publication: American Jewish Year Book

Volume/Issue: Vol. 24

Page Number(s): 21-108

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Genre: Article

Coverage: Palestine , Poland , Russia , United States

Language: English

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Bibliographic Information:
Linfield, Harry S. A Survey of the Year 5682. American Jewish Year Book. American Jewish Committee (AJC),Jewish Publication Society (JPS). 1923: 21-108. http://www.bjpa.org/Publications/details.cfm?PublicationID=5651


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