Global Jewish Philanthropy: Report on the Jewish Funders Network 2008 Conference in Jerusalem

Jewish Funders Network (JFN), Reut Institute, December 2008

The 2008 International Jewish Funders Network Conference - titled High-Impact Philanthropy: Forging Synergies to Transform Our World -took place in Jerusalem between March 31 and April 3,2008. The Conference was designed to be unique in its content and scope: For the first time, JFN held its annual conference In Israel to reflect the rising significance of Israeli philanthropy in the Jewish world and to address the interest of Jewish philanthropists in Israel. The Conference focused on forging partnerships in order to address the growing interest in collaborations that enhance impact. The makeup of the participants represented a unique and unprecedented balance between Israeli and non-Israeli philanthropists. More than forty percent (156) of the participants were Israelis. North American participants comprised half of the participants (179) while the rest (24) were European, Australian and South African; A major outcome of the conference was JFN's announcement that it would open an office in Israel by year end. JFN commissioned the Reut Institute to prepare a report on the Conference. Part I of the report provides a snapshot of the major trends in Jewish philanthropy including an analysis of the impact of the economic crisis on Jewish philanthropy. Part II summarizes the impact of the Conference on its participants. Part III focuses on the challenge of forging philanthropic partnerships in general, and particularly among Israelis and North Americans.

Topic: NGOs, Philanthropy and Fundraising, Development, Jewish Federations, Power, Nonprofits, Fundraising and Philanthropy, Partnerships

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Global Jewish Philanthropy: Report on the Jewish Funders Network 2008 Conference in Jerusalem. Jewish Funders Network (JFN),Reut Institute. December 2008:


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