A Framework for Strategic Thinking about Jewish Peoplehood

By Ezra Kopelowitz, Ari Engelberg

Nadav Fund, Platforma Consulting Group, September 2007

Since 2000, a small but growing number of Jewish organizations and foundations have started using the concept of “Jewish Peoplehood” in their work. What is the significance of this new concept? What is the added value of the “Jewish Peoplehood” concept for the world of Jewish organizations? Why use the concept as a basis for organizational development, whether for strategic planning, program development or fund raising? Is there a difference between an organization or program run under the banner of Jewish Peoplehood and one which is not? We don’t aspire to answer all of these questions in this paper, but we do hope to make a first contribution towards organizing existing knowledge about the subject.

Topic: History, Peoplehood, Organizational Development, Jewish Identification, Ideology, Jewish Organizations, Unity, Community Building

Funder: Nadav Fund

Genre: Report

Coverage: United States , World

Language: English

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Bibliographic Information:
Kopelowitz, Ezra. Engelberg, Ari. A Framework for Strategic Thinking about Jewish Peoplehood. Nadav Fund,Platforma Consulting Group. September 2007: http://www.bjpa.org/Publications/details.cfm?PublicationID=8003


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