NiSh'ma: "I go to a town where there are no teachers of Torah and..."

By Sara Heitler Bamberger, Sara Beth Berman, Michael Garret Holzman, Jodie Siff

Josh Rolnick, The Sh'ma Institute, February 2011

Sh'ma's "Nishma" series features multiple authors responding to the same Jewish text. (Nishma is laid out in imitation of a traditional page of Talmud, i.e. with the text in the middle and the commentaries in the margins.) In this issue, dedicated to issues of Jewish education, four educators respond to a quote from Ketubot 103b: "Rabbi Chiya said to Rabbi Chanina, 'You are arguing with me? I am working so that Torah is not forgotten in Israel. I plant flax, then weave the flax into snares and trap deer. I feed the flesh [of the deer] to orphans and turn the skins into parchment. Then I go to a town where there are no teachers of Torah and I teach five children the five books of the Torah and I teach six children the six orders of the Mishnah, and I tell them to teach each other.'

Topic: Educators, Empowerment, Education, Jewish Text, Students, Teachers

Name of Publication: Sh'ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas

Editor: Berrin, Susan

Volume/Issue: Vol.41/no.677

Page Number(s): 18

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Genre: Other

Coverage: United States

Identifier: issn: 0049-0385

Language: English

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Heitler Bamberger, Sara. Berman, Sara Beth. Garret Holzman, Michael. Siff, Jodie. NiSh'ma: "I go to a town where there are no teachers of Torah and...". Sh'ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas. Josh Rolnick, The Sh'ma Institute. February 2011: 18.


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