AJC Statement on Religious Pluralism

American Jewish Committee (AJC), January 31, 2011

In recent months otherwise well-intentioned efforts to facilitate conversion to Judaism have been linked for political reasons with efforts to expand the power of the Chief Rabbinate to determine who qualifies as a convert. The Chief Rabbinate's monopoly on issues affecting the actual status of Jews not only within Israel but also of those seeking to immigrate to Israel damages both the unity of the Jewish people internationally and risks the alienation of American Jewry from the Jewish state.

Among other things, the AJC recommends that a commission with representation from all sectors of Israeli society, including the respective religious movements within Judaism should be convened to establish conversion procedures and guidelines similar to the approach followed by the Ne’eman Commission. This represented a true compromise with all expressions of Judaism given a voice in the teaching of prospective converts while the conversion itself would conform to Halakhic practice.

Topic: Diaspora Relations, Peoplehood, Israel-Diaspora Relations, Religion and State, Conversion, Jewish Organizations

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AJC Statement on Religious Pluralism. American Jewish Committee (AJC). 31 January 2011: http://www.bjpa.org/Publications/details.cfm?PublicationID=8247


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