Thank you for making 2011 BJPA's biggest year yet. You and over 40,000 other users have visited since January 1, 2011.

Every month, we on the BJPA staff select publications from our holdings on a different topic to share with you in our newsletter. But here at year's end, we thought we'd let you select some publications. So here's a list you created, with assistance from forty thousand of your closest friends:

The Top Ten Publications Downloaded from BJPA in 2011

1. Volunteering + Values: A Repair the World Report on Jewish Young Adults. Fern Chertok, Matthew Boxer, Josh Tobias, Jim Gerstein, Shirah Rosin. Gerstein|Agne Strategic Communications, CMJS, Repair the World, June 201.

2. Generation of Change: How Leaders in their Twenties and Thirties are Reshaping American Jewish Life. Jack Wertheimer. Avi Chai Foundation, September 2010.

3. Los Angeles Jewish Population Survey '97. Pini Herman. The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, 1998.

4. Six Key Trends Transforming Jewish Philanthropy. Lisa Eisen. The Foundation Center, February 2011.

5. The Demise of the "Good Jew": Remarks upon Receiving the 2010 Marshall Sklare Award from the ASSJ. Steven M. Cohen. ASSJ, BJPA, December 2010.

6. Demography of the Contemporary Russian-Speaking Jewish Diaspora. Mark Tolts, 2011.

7. Camp Works: The Long-Term Impact of Jewish Overnight Camp. Steven M. Cohen, Ron Miller, Ira M. Sheskin, Berna Torr. Foundation for Jewish Camp, Spring 2011

8. Are Young American Jews in the Diaspora Distancing from Israel? Colloquium Report. Esther Farber, Idon Natazon. American Jewish Committee (AJC), March 2011.

9. Making Jewish Education Work: Jewish Service Learning. JESNA, January 2011.

10. Moving Beyond the Limited Reach of Current "Social Media" Approaches: Why Jewish Digital Communities Require Rich and Remixable Narrative Content. Owen Gottlieb. CCAR, Spring 2011.

Happy new year!

(P.S. Repair Labs beat us to posting these on a blog.)