The Hill reports that PLO Representative to Washington Maen Rashid Areikat often finds it hard to get a meeting with the right people:

In an interview with The Hill, Areikat said he can’t always get an audience with lawmakers to discuss Palestinian issues. Some congressional offices won’t even let him through the door. “This is really unfortunate. … You have to talk to a party that is very, very crucial,” Areikat said. “The Israelis are talking to us. Why wouldn’t these members of Congress talk to us?”

Making no endorsements of Areikat's (the PLO's) positions, or judgments about his situation in Washington, we can't resist using this story as an excuse to remind blog readers that they can see a video of a long lecture and Q&A with Ambassador Areikat here. He spoke in front of an audience of American Jewish leaders at BJPA in March of this year.