Happy International Women's Day!

Celebrate by browsing our holdings on the topics of "Women" and "Gender". Or dip back into our March 2010 newsletter on women in Jewish leadership roles, or our January 2011 newsletter on the changing Jewish workplace.

In the Jerusalem Post, Rachel Levmore reminds us that this day "is used as a platform for what is known in Jewish tradition as cheshbon hanefesh - a combination of account-taking and reflection." In eJewish Philanthropy, Naomi Less examines "Gender Balance in the Spotlight".

Not everyone is celebrating; Haaretz reported that the Israeli cabinet "will not support any of the bills presented before the Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday in honor of International Women's Day".

Want to get involved? American Jewish World Service provides this resource page, including ways to get involved in their work on behalf of women in the global South. You can also find an International Women's Day event near you by clicking here.