The capture and killing of Bin Laden, Yom HaShoah, the Royal Wedding, a return to hametz, and... maybe some fundraising concerns?  It was a big week. Here's what you were reading:

  1. Six Key Trends Transforming Jewish Philanthropy (2011), Lisa Eisen
  2. Jewish Morale in the Present Situation (1937), Morris D. Waldman
  3. Contact: The Journal of the Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life -- New Trends in Fundraising (2010) Robert P. Aronson, Marjorie Kaplan, Naomi Levine, Gail G. Littman, Jeffrey R. Solomon
  4. Sunsetting a Foundation (2011), Mem D. Bernstein
  5. Patterns of Singularity: The Motivations of Independent Jewish Funders in Times of Economic Distress (2009), Dasee Berkowitz, Steven M. Cohen