Have you heard of Khan Academy, the free online video learning site where you can learn about quadtratic inequalities, or C-4 photosynthesis, or plate tectonics, whenever you want? Perhaps you've seen this TED talk featuring Salman Khan himself.

None of the components of this concept is actually new. Before the internet there were mail-order videos, although they were not free, nor available instantly. And before Khan Academy, there were countless YouTube tutorials. The main differences, I think, are in comprehensive scope and coordinated structure.

  • Scope: so far KA has an extremely impressive range of videos in the quantitative fields of math and science, and the site has its foot in the door to the humanities with a history series -- the first part of what I'm sure will be a much larger endeavor.
  • Structure: unlike YouTube tutorials, which are made by many different individuals, at many different levels of quality, for many different audiences, using many different learning techniques, Khan Academy aims to be a one-stop location to find what you need (just as is your one-stop location for Jewish communal policy [sorry, couldn't resist]) with a roughly uniform level of quality and format.

So can we get a Jewish Khan Academy? (Cohen Academy, let's say.) A one-stop, free, on-demand video resource for learning Hebrew (beginner to high level), Jewish history, and Jewish texts?

I'm not the first to ask. The AVI CHAI Foundation blog has a post on this topic. YU 2.0 has a discussion, as does the Lookjed forum.  What do you think? Add your comment in the comments section below, we beg of you... we're tired of reading mostly spam robot comments instructing us to buy things.

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