President Obama at the UN

Unless you've been living under a rock or without cable for the past few months, you're probably aware of Palestinian's upcoming bid to achieve statehood via the U.N. General Assembly. With anti-Israel rhetoric being thrown around left and right, it was refreshing to hear that at least the United States has not abandoned Israel. Earlier this morning, President Obama addressed the U.N. General Assembly. He spoke of his support for a two-state solution, with an independent Palestine and a secure Israel.

“Israel, a small country of less than eight million people, looks out at a world where leaders of much larger nations threaten to wipe it off of the map. The Jewish people carry the burden of centuries of exile, and persecution, and the fresh memory of knowing that six million people were killed simply because of who they are.”

While such comments from our president are comforting, Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel comments are still bountiful. In an interview last week, Maen Areikat, ambassador from the Palestinian Liberation Organization, stated that he believed any future Palestinian state should be free of Jews.

"After the experience of the last 44 years of military occupation and all the conflict and friction, I think it would be in the best interest of the two people to be separated."

After the comment sparked obvious outrage, Areikat backtracked and then said he was referring to Israelis, not Jews. Ahhh, of course. Because that makes it all better {sarcasm}.  Areikat also has implored American Jews to not just blindly support Israel, and to look beyond tomorrow. You may recall that in March, BJPA hosted ambassador Areikat for a discussion of American Jews and the Palestinian conflict.

Israel needs all the support it can get right now, and I don’t think support from Obama is enough. With Egypt expelling its Israeli consulate and Turkey washing its hands of Israel in an effort to rub elbows with its Arab neighbors, Israel is facing the big, bad Middle East by its lonesome. If the United States remains Israel’s only outspoken ally, what will this mean for its future? Is anyone else willing to step up to the plate? Or will Israel be forced to face the possibility of a Palestinian state alone? I fear a two-state solution only because of the possibility of Israel’s safety being compromised. Palestine is simply not stable enough to govern itself. Hopefully Obama’s stance will help the U.N.’s final decision. But if not, I fear for the consequences.