Who Has Premarital Sex? (Or Who Admits It?)


The chart above is from Religion and Sexual Behaviors: Understanding the Influence of Islamic Cultures and Religious Affiliation for Explaining Sex Outside of Marriage. It seems that Jews are more likely than any other monotheists to report having premarital sex. The paper also reports (p. 739) that married Jews are more likely than married people in other major religious groups to report having extramarital sex.

Does this mean Jews have more premarital sex, and commit more adultery, than people of other religions--or is it just that Jews are more likely to admit these behaviors to a researcher? Either way, what does that say about Jewish communities?

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iCenter Survey

A letter from Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz and Dr. Minna Wolf of Research Success Technologies:

Are you someone who is interested in educating about Israel? If so, we are turning to you with the hope that you fill out a short 10 minute survey.

We are seeking an understanding about how you and others in the field of Jewish education and communal work seek to connect children and teens from pre-school through 12th grade to Israel.

The survey is part of a broader effort by the iCenter to advance Israel education. Your survey answers will contribute to a report about the challenges and possibilities facing educators who are attempting to educate about Israel and provide recommendations to funders for future investments in the field. We will share the report with you once it is ready for public release.

Link to Survey

If you prefer to cut and paste the link:


Please forward this survey invitation to any colleagues who you feel have an interest of any sort in education about Israel.

This survey is anonymous. If you want to see a copy of the final survey report or receive information about opportunities for educators with an interest in Israel education you will be given an option at the end of the survey to provide your contact information.

If you have any questions, please contact Ezra at his personal e-mail address ezra@researchsuccess.com

Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz and Dr. Minna Wolf
Research Consultants to the iCenter
Research Success Technologies

David Elcott on Engaging Baby Boomers

As part of our Office Hours series, Prof. David Elcott discusses his research into Baby Boomers and their place in the communal life of minority communities.

Brandeis to Host Socio-Demography Conference Oct 23-24


You may recall that in our August newsletter, BJPA Director Prof. Steven M. Cohen lamented: "The lack of a 2010 NJPS leaves a gaping hole in our knowledge of the American Jewish community." Next month, a conference at Brandeis will attempt to overcome this difficulty and make the most of the data available:

Although there is no longer a national study of American Jews sponsored by the Jewish community, the past decade has witnessed the growth of alternative approaches to understanding the U.S. Jewish population. To assess current understandings of the socio-demography of American Jewry, Brandeis will again host a conference of research scholars and policy makers to take stock of current knowledge, consider future research, and engage producers of research and policy makers in conversation about the usefulness of the information being generated...

...The specific goals of the conference are to assess the current state of knowledge about the size and characteristics of the American Jewish community, illuminate current socio-demographic research, and consider how the findings of demographic research can be used by scholars, funders, and policy organizations concerned with the Jewish community. One outcome will be a scholarly publication summarizing current research and application. But, more importantly, the conference also aspires to foster better informed dialogue about American Jewry and enhanced development and use of socio-demographic research.

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